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'A single thought: a seed of inspiration sown, lovingly nurtured from paper to fabric until it blossoms into a beautiful, honest reflection on life itself....'

Designer Biography:


Miss Jacinta Raquel is an emerging Australian womenswear fashion designer and First Class Honours graduate from RMIT Melbourne (Bachelor of Design-Fashion).

The design philosophy of her eponymous label places an emphasis on timeless beauty and femininity with artisanal quality, and the harmonious connection between hand and cloth, wearer and garment. Inspired by the ephemeral exquisiteness of nature, Jacinta applies experimental textile techniques and an innovative design process to craft sustainable, unique pieces for the modern trendsetter’s wardrobe. The J.R woman has a strong independent spirit and her own statement style.

Locally-made with passion, Jacinta’s collections are commercially viable, yet born of conceptual origins which are translated into contemporary RTW and bespoke womenswear. Her dichotomous designs echo Japanese influences through fluid drape, textural embellishment and romantic silhouettes, intermixed with the structural shapes and forms synonymous with Western architecture and art.

Jacinta designs her own limited edition prints and creates luxurious, hand-dyed fabric with a landscape of colour- igniting imagination and a sense of dreamy wanderlust.

*CV upon request

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